Sunday, September 14, 2008

part two of a 250 mile journey: what we saw

in the lovely tree tops


wallpaperout the bedroom window

sunken kitchen top

grandfather's home

side shot
mustard booth

mustards cushion

spin red stool


Andrea said...

WOW!! These pictures are amazing.

Maman Pélissié said...

I think these are my new favorites!

PS- My sister-in-law will be calling/e-mailing you soon. Same last name!

Hope all is well!

Kiera said...

amazing! what beautiful lighting!!

sheena jibson said...

that house is killing me!!! coolest old place ever!!

Austin said...

i swear, ashley, when you look through your lens, the world smiles for you!

beautiful as always!

Celeste said...

I want to buy that booth!!!! I MUST HAVE IT!!! clearly the restaurant isn't doing too hot of business, maybe i could get it on the cheap. these are lovely.