Tuesday, September 23, 2008

taking a sauna

mill shower under limbs

green and orange

swing sitter

ice in black and white

dog facedown dog face

cradle pup

errin in limbshair tie


Vegor said...

My Hair Scarf is both awesome and gross at the same time.

steph heartjustin said...

Ash you are so talented.. Once again some amazing pictures.. So I'm guessing that you changed your major no more education?? I hope so anyway.. You really are very talented! When I have babies, i will call you to take their pictures..

the binghams. said...

i like these of my siblings. i find christian's hair scarf mesmerizing.

errin julkunen-pedersen said...

i like how fancily cade is holding that glass of orange soda. a real gent, he. seriously, these are great, they really capture what a great time we had that day. and let us all thank heaven that vegor's hair scarf can be no more.

rachel said...

i want to hang out with all of you.i want to be in great photos too.