Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I could wear on and on about the word "influence" and I could list long lists of places I find it. Lately I've been finding it in impressionistic paintings and really, I find it in painting in general. I don't want to paint my subject literally, but I want to be scrutinizing and still like a painter. I want to brainstorm like a painter who buys color and canvas with intention, who paints with patience and composes deliberately. Deliberately. Slowly. Consciously. Creatively.
That stillness does not come easy for me, but when I do it I get results. Until now I have perceived it as something that cannot be found but that just comes. Like a storm. It is not a storm. It's a chore that you can sit back after and say, "Wow, this looks better. This feels better."


Anna Alyse said...

i love this

Mal said...

I love this too.