Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Dixon Family








My heart feels like its going to break through my chest with gratitude and shock tonight. As I edited these I kept thinking to myself, "from Canada, from CANADA!" Natasha and Damian, along with their two young boys drove from Canada to Utah for these photos. No, they don't have friends or family in Utah. No, they weren't planning to see the red rocks or temple square- they came to see my camera. It makes me blush to write it. It makes me feel so great that something I do was appreciated enough that Tosh would make the sacrifice of time, money and comfort to drive all that way.

Tosh is the complimentary, heart-sleeve sort and I am so happy I got to meet her and her family. Enjoy!

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Anna Alyse said...

it's just that you actually understand lighting and that blowing the subjects out bright white is not, in the end, good photography. this is one reason you are amazing at this.