Monday, July 25, 2011


mt timp backside in a storm- from deer creek

I'm still here, still thinking things as per usual.

Thinking about my Dad's Pentax he gave me years ago. Got the light leak fixed up real good at Kews. Shot some T-Max and Portra over the weekend of my kids.

I have so many project ideas yet its hard to escape for the sake of the "personal" in art, especially when the professional side demands as much as it does.

Speaking of personal. Two of my closest friends moved away. One to Korea. One to Salt Lake. I don't like it. Not at all. Consolation? They are in happy places that they have been working toward for years. Congrats and bravo to them both. I miss them.

I've been writing a lot. In a personal blog that no one sees. I've been keeping lists and lists of things that I want to shoot. I can be such a slacker at the follow through. Kiera and I have the same problem (kids and no time) so working together will be the best plan to kick the limitations harder than they kick us. We work like champs together anyway. More Lange less Weston I say. Dorothea Lange's work has been through BYU a bunch and I remember it grabbing hold of my throat the first time when I was about eighteen. Full of ideals and energy then and something about her work touched me. As the Fleet Foxes say, "the world outside is so inconceivable sometimes I barely can speak". Kiera and I am drummin' up some imagery to honor the inconceivable we see. Sometimes words just don't cut it, in fact, they usually don't.

Happy to be working with Liz Stanley and her three sisters for the Fall "Sister Style". Turns out her younger sisters and I have a lot in common and they are cool cool cool. Can't wait to show those pics.

Speaking of working with people. Justin Hackworth is the best. Last weekend he opened (officially) his 30 Strangers project at BYU's Kimball library and invited Kiera, Brett and me to come shoot the event. Nice venue, nice people, great essays read by some very interesting women. It was a visual and audial feast! He and Amy are brilliant business people and great friends. Had the whole clan of theirs there which made it fun to photograph. Did I say brilliant? I mean it. See the show if you haven't. See some pics I took from the show on Justin's bloggity.

Oh, yes, and Justin invited me to work with him up at the EVO Conference in Park City a few weeks ago and MAN WAS IT AMAZING! Rode up with Trevor Christensen and I dished out all manner of teasings about his young age. We had a great team. David Miller assisted me and the thought kept revolving about how great it is to work with great photographers. I grow, I learn, I win, I wash off the things that don't matter, I am pushed.

I've been training for a half marathon. My cousin Steve calls it a half mary which makes him sound cool, which he is. I'm hunting the intertubes for a full next Fall. Don't suggest St. George. I want something sea level. A marathon? Am I nuts? Yeah. I am. I'll be glad to get my time back when the half mary is over. See how I snuck that in there? I'm cool like you Steve!

I'm getting a wee better at processing black and white digitally. Tones are changing my life as I understand them better. Sold the 24-70 mm and now I'm on a lens hunt. Fun to just have the 50 mm. Its all I ever used anyway. Ever.

Booked some weddings which I'm getting amped about. Deer Valley and Springdale. Find me two better or more diverse locations in Utah and I'll give you some gum. Wedding Portrait session tomorrow which reminds me, I need some sleep.


jomama said...
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Hill Call said...

Fall full marathon- the long beach marathon, it was my first race, and I ran the full, and I've run the half twice. It's sea level and beautiful! I'll run half way with you, I promised myself I would never run 26 miles ever, ever, ever again in my life!