Monday, May 9, 2011

Arts Art Is. Artist.

Cade works for the Mormon church as a sound engineer. What does he do? Well, he works on Mormon Messages, small never heard of projects for archiving, and does things like sit in the burned out corpse of the Provo Tabernacle for six weeks collecting surveillance during the investigation. For the last few weeks he has been working as an editor for a project about Leconte Stewart. Here is a fabulous quote from Stewart,

"I am amazed how trees lose their leaves every winter and bloom forth every spring. The creative power to do that is marvelous; it is beyond my comprehension...When I encounter a tree, a personality, a spirit comes forth which is wonderful. To see the growth and structure...causes me to bow down in humility. Many times I have come home bowed down with reverence thankful that I am an artist. When I go out to paint a tree I feel the Lord's spirit. I cannot do what He has done, the least I can do it paint it, but in painting it I have come to see Him in nature."

More of Stewart's work HERE.

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