Thursday, December 2, 2010

On Boys

Eli, 2, Orem

UPDATE: DONE! The project has filled. I will be sending details to the interested within the next week or so. We are sick here at our house and I have mounds of post-Thanksgiving editing so....patience my friends.

This Fall I photographed lots of little boys. So many little boys invited me into their tiny busy bustling brilliant world as a guest, with a camera. This invitation, and the visits that followed, gave me glimpses into the character and wild ways of boys inspiring my portrait work in ways I needed, and appreciated.

As I mentioned on Facebook (are we friends?) I am working on a project on boys. The project will take place in January. If you are interested (even if you already told me you were interested) please email me by Monday December 6th with your son's name, age, and location (must be in Utah County or willing to drive). 12 boys will be chosen, based on age, for the Winter session.


whitneyingram said...

Jack, 5 1/2, Lehi

Van, 2 1/2, Lehi

Ethan, 29, Lehi

Kiera said...

Ash, You are so fun!

Whitney, I hear ya about the 29 year old boy. ;)

Andrea said...

Trev age 3.5
Tanner age 2.5 months

lindsey said...

How did I miss this post???!! Dang it! But I will, hopefully, be in Utah for a wedding in January so we might just have to get together anyway!