Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mallory Robin







Sue knew her daughter had a talent for combining colors, lines and features, and as is so often the case, Sue was right. There is no disputing Mallory's knack. I am incredibly lucky to be documenting her work and workings. Here are a few glimpses of what the last few weeks of our collaboration have gathered. Stay tuned for more.

UPDATE: Mallory's works are all available for sale.
Contact Mallory directly at for pricing, dimensions, questions and inquiries regarding commissions. For more images click HERE . Her website, which will host these and other images will launch within the next few weeks. Don't worry I'll keep you updated.


Sparks said...

I am so glad you posted these. I was lamenting that they were going to be relegated to instaproofs and that's it.

Kasi said...

wow. I LOVE those. Are they for sale anywhere?

Kiera said...

Oh my! These are gorgeous!! I want an original.

Sparks said...

I will answer that for you, Kasi. Ash took these photos for Mally's website that is gestating at present and will exist to showcase her work and offer it for sale.

And Kiera, good news--she only sells originals. None of these are mass-produced or replicated. She does do some print work but only in runs of like 4.

I sort of worship my little sister.

sheena said...

I am in LOVE with these. and I think I need that last floral.....thanks for sharing:)