Friday, October 23, 2009

the last minutes











The last minutes of any session are always my favorite. The clients have warmed to me, the light is falling, and I reach the height of my creative mood. Bella and Peter sat in the car while I took their parents for some couple photos and while I worked, I glanced back at them several times, playing together and the more I did the more I remembered when I was a little kid, playing in the car with my little brother. I remember my former thoughts about the magic of driving and how in awe of the powerful adult world I once was. I empathized with those two Harmon babies and wished they could stay small and in awe.

The light was perfect and as I walked over to the car, readying my camera, I hoped the kids would ignore me. I hoped that the site of my camera wouldn't cue poses and camera smiles. I wanted to get them as they were. Luck was on my side, and with bedtime coming they couldn't have cared less about me or my camera. And that made my day.


amanda james said...

I love these...they are my favorite. Esp. the ones of the kids in the car on the last one. What kind of camera do you use? We're gonna have to get together sometime and shara photo secrets. I love how you edit your photos. Peace girl!

The Betitas said...

They look so much like BEN!!! Wow. I love the sentiment you captured with these pictures.

olivia said...

Yes, the littles looked so familiar but I only met Bella when she was young... it was a puzzle solved that they just have the Harmon LOOK.

Ashley, this set belongs in a catalog. Or a coffee table book. Or a museum. Or something of published significance. I'm just as in awe as they were.