Monday, September 21, 2009

On Family Portraits


We haven't had our family pictures taken in so long.
Oh gosh! Do I look okay?
Really? I don't know- I just don't have the body I used to have.
Can you make me look skinny?

I have heard it all. From requests to extend the length of a neck, to apologies of what once was- I hear you. I hear that things change, I hear the you are apprehensive about the feelings that arise when you look at your portrait and a flood of critique swells in you.

When I look at this beautiful photograph of my Grandparents I do not see imperfections and things that required improvement. I see two people who loved each other. I see the way my Grandfather's hand holds his bride's head in one swift moment that was likely repeated throughout their lives together. That movement reminds me that these film figures are people. People with expectations and hopes, struggles and imperfections. As the granddaughter of these figures, this image is priceless. It is real, captivating, and provides a glimpse into a powerful reality that turns my heart to the people to whom I owe my life.


[Morgan] said...

i love this.
and i love the child watching from the porch.

Celeste said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful.
they love you back.
that's why you are such an awesome photographer, you see things this magical, priceless way. I love your guts

Shawna Herring Photography said...

that photo makes my heart ache on so many levels.

sheena said...

this is beautiful.

Lauri's Photography said...

Well said!
I'll have to refer clients to your page.
I've had that mentioned so many times with women. And I've even caved to the request to make a friend look skinny, and all the while I kept thinking, but this isn't really who you are. This isn't how you look right now. It's not real. But she wanted it anyway. Even after a digital makeover, she still wouldn't let me put pictures of her up on the blog.

Justin Hackworth said...

So true!