Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Sky Elliotts


Fly a Kite





all ready to harvest


I am lucky to have some of the best people on earth for friends. Earlier this month Cade and I took the Dotter to visit two of those friends, Emily and Jamen, and their kids, in California. I met the Elliotts more than six years ago while I was living in San Luis Obispo. While I had known Jamen, a joking warm friend for just over a year, Emily and I met when Jamen brought her for a visit to church one Sunday. The more I got to know Emily, the more I liked her- and that fact remains today. She is a devoted wife, a helluva cook, a fun-loving disciplined mother, and a kind and understanding friend. Meet the Elliotts. Jamen, Emily, Bailey, and Jordan.

Must see more? My wish is your command- click HERE to buy prints and see more images from this session.


Elliott's said...

I couldn't be more happy! I love them! Thanks Ash

Elise said...

I LOVE these!! (people and pictures). I was so sad when you left- I wanted more time.