Monday, April 13, 2009


Nowhere Man

Olivia Bee is young. She takes pictures. People just cannot get over how young she is. 14 is young to know so much, to have control and precision in the way you approach your craft. She is young and she is a photographer and I love that she agreed to be featured as someone who inspires me, because she does. I asked her one question:

"What inspires you?"
She answered,
"the people i care about. the way people interact. the way nature interacts with people. nostalgia; things i don't want to forget. things i do need to forget. love..."

Amen Olivia.

The work of Olivia Bee reminds me of the ideas involving subject, location, lighting, emotion, statement.... She inspires me to work harder as a photographer. To do more of what I want, to explore my ideals and ideas. To embrace the ideas I encounter, to develop them into something I am proud of.


Kiera said...

k, I love her and added her as a contact. Does she do all these self portraits???

shelly said...

Her work is beautiful!