Tuesday, March 31, 2009

who's got the button?

Giveaway time. Not the typical giveaway though-this is a button giveaway. Here, have it- its for you after all:

Put it on your blog, comment with the link, and I will enter your name into a drawing for a really cool surprise. Already buttoned me into your blog? Great. Send the link!


olivia said...

OK... mine isn't the official button, but the FIRST link on my right column is your polaroid, your name, and if you click on the pic it takes you to your website. This has been up since before you made the button... does that count? ;)

thanks for reading all my 100 & relating to them. up for a weekend meeting?

meg said...


And it's not just there cause you're my pal. In a few design request emails I've received people have mentioned how much they enjoyed clicking over to your site.

Kiera said...

Sometimes I go to your website just so I can listen to the music there. Its is so peaceful. I love it.

crissy said...

crissymarie.blogspot.com, happydayimages.blogspot.com and cmbscribblings.blogspot.com
Yep, 3 blogs and you're on all of 'em.