Thursday, March 19, 2009


I need a model for a project I want to do this spring. A model with great hair. The key word here is unique- big, long, unique, short, red, curly.
Is it you? Do you know someone?
Email me at ashley{dot}thalman{at}gmail{dot}com


Jenna said...

I'm working on it. Perhaps I could come along if I get you a model? Hugs,


Marco Crupi said...

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Annette said...

Hey Ashley:
I got board of doing anatomy so I found your blog again and peeked at your pics!! I love the one with you and Harper!!! I is way cute!!

Hen Pecks said...

Victoria on Twilight. Her hair is cool. Can you use her?

meg said...

I hate to be a pest, but without images your followers are dwindling in unbelief.

Anonymous said...

have you already done this? I have 4 nieces and nephews with red hair. my husband has red hair... just so you know if you need more!