Friday, January 16, 2009

winter andersons

anderson revisted


anderson revisted

anderson revisted

anderson revisted

anderson revisted

anderson's afternoonnic and holly. a variation on the american gothic

anderson revisted

anderson revistedanderson revisted

anderson revisted
The summer green of last August has been covered in this January's snow and ice.
Seasons bringing the change of a new school, a bustling northern city, a growing teething daughter who walks and charms.
Home from Boston this Christmas Holly and Nic bundled their growing Elle and we explored the outdoor beauty of a winter's afternoon. I love doing what I do.
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Jenna said...

It just hit me, I know Nick! His parents lived across the street from my grandparents- so we were neighbors twice! His family is beautiful- so are your photos. Thanks for sharing.

Morgan said...


and ha ha, my word verification is artless.

Kiera said...

dressed to kill is right!!! Nicely done.

lynette said...

fabulous! and, could your friends be more beautiful?

cat+tadd said...


have a lovely said...

so very gorgeous!!!!!!

Lauri's Photography said...

lovely! I can't wait for you to do our family.
I've always been afraid of winter photo shoots, but you hit this one right on!

Elliott's said...

Ash, those are amazing and my gosh you wow my every time I look at new photos!

Christen and Frank said...

where were these taken? they're lovely.