Thursday, October 2, 2008

b&w vs color

from the road

from the road in colors


Morgan said...

both are equally awesome. and look unreal. nice work.

Celeste said...

i cannot get over that blue, I think it makes a stronger impact than the (also beautiful) b&w
p.s. it is a good thing you won't be morning sick after you have the baby, when nursing makes your hair fall out in ridiculous amounts. (at least it did me) That banana story made me laugh so hard.

Dugovic Domain said...


Shawna Herring Photography said...

nothing speaks to me quite like blue.

Lauri's Photography said...

i love the blues and whites in the bottom one. Very nice.

tearese said...

Love both;the bw looks like an Ansel Adams!
came over from Kiera's blog.

~branislava~ said... beautiful Ashley!!
you're genius of photography! =))