Sunday, September 7, 2008

mr and mrs knudsen

decor in digital

click click prop

juar it all began

cheek kissed bride

baker and the carver


Installment C (four)

Installment C Installment C (II) Installment C (III)

groom's cakeinstallment A (III)

stringed bloom

latern light

Lawn Installment- illuminated

Lawn Installment- antiqued

letterpress invite

custom design

primary coloured

guests arrive

provo dusk

stiff figure
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Dugovic Domain said...

You are the most disgustingly talented photographer I have ever met. These pics are AMAZING! (as is ALL of your stuff!) Hopefully I can get preggers asap so I can hire you to take like, 50,000 pregnant and newborn pictures for me.

Kiera said...

Can I be your assistant sometime? Seriously??

Rachel Eastin said...

and i'll be your prop stylist.

Holly said...

What a beautiful wedding. Those Knudsens are creative folk- they're lucky to have you as their photographer- no one else would have been able to capture the details in such a remarkable way.

jenica said...

yes, disgustingly talented. i swoon in your wake.


Chanda/Landon said...

Ash! These are some of my favorite that you have taken so far...especially those last few. I love that style and I love to see you experiment.

Shawna Herring Photography said...