Saturday, August 23, 2008

seven dill darlings

dills in windows

tooth farewelllibrary green

red onewide open cry

lady legs

napping swing

clover in green

in miniatures

horse and daughter

sister antique

3 of seven

gothic in polka dot light

made in china

girl with parasol


swatchmr dill in fade

to view more photos from
the dill family portrait session
click here


Elliott's said...

Love it!

Shawna Herring Photography said...

Brilliant shots, Ashley!

Kiera said...

These are AWESOME! Nice work. I have a deal I wanna make with you. We need to talk.

Morgan said...

lovely as usual!
5 kids? there is no way that woman has given birth to 5 children! she's too young and too tiny! she's beautiful!
such a cute family!

Leslie said...

ashley, i'd love to feature some of your work on my design blog. please email me and let me know if that's okay!


leslie (

muddy banjo said...

I want marbles in my photos!